How to Create a Happy Workplace

How to Create a Happy Workplace

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, the average American works about 45 hours per week, which means he or she spends more than 25% of their week at work. Happy workers are more productive workers! If you’re an employer, you absolutely need to take care of essentials, like making sure you’re protected with an Orlando Employment Practices Liability insurance policy. In addition, you also should learn how to create a happy workplace by making that a top priority.

Make Employee Satisfaction as Important as Customer Satisfaction

Without employees, you probably wouldn’t be in business. Finding, hiring, and training new employees is expensive and time consuming. Regularly evaluate employee satisfaction and make changes as warranted to keep your employees happy. Satisfied employees will be happier and will strive to make sure you and your customers are also highly satisfied. It’s a win-win!

Understand What Makes Employees Happiest

In various surveys of employees across a wide range of industries, there were three things that made employees happy: adequate financial compensation, open lines of communication, and a comprehensive employee benefits package. Schedule regular performance reviews and bump up compensation as warranted, and always have an open-door communication policy.

Don’t Skimp on the Benefits

Employees need their paychecks to pay their bills. Employee benefits serve as an extra incentive or “carrot” that makes employees feel valued and satisfied. The good news for employers is that voluntarily offering benefits doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Beyond offering comprehensive medical and dental coverage to employees and their families, consider adding life insurance, a childcare credit, a gym membership, employee discounts on products or services your business provides, and other extras to keep morale high and your valued employees on the payroll for the long-term.

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