Entrepreneur Tips – Sales Skills to Master

Entrepreneur Tips - Sales Skills to Master

If you are a Central Florida Small Business entrepreneur, you know that to make money you have to make sales. Your success is directly linked to your mastery of skills that enable you to seal the deal. We’ve complied a few entrepreneur tips that will help you close a sale.

Mirror Your Prospect’s Mannerisms

If you’re able to put your prospective customer at ease and make him feel comfortable with you, you’ve won half the battle. To achieve this, you’ll need to hone your observational skills. Identify your prospect’s tone of voice, vocabulary preferences (formal speech vs casual words and phrases) and speaking speed (is his speech high-energy or more calculated?). Tailor your mannerisms to match his. He’ll let his guard down and feel he can trust you.

Throw Them Off By Reminding Them They Can Say “No Thanks”

Most people are immediately guarded when talking to a salesperson. They know the salesperson has one goal: to make the sale. When you remind your prospect that he’s under no obligation to buy, you give him the power. Feeling in control, a prospect is more likely to become a paying customer. One study detailed in the Taylor & Francis Online Communications Journal found that reminding people they can say no doubled a salesman’s odds of success.

Be Kind to Yourself

The most effective entrepreneurs are those who are supremely confident in their abilities. They’re confident because they tell themselves they are capable and good at their jobs. It may be more natural to let negative self talk prevail and to focus on your failures. Don’t allow yourself to do that, as that’s essentially sabotaging yourself. Tell yourself you’re an amazing salesperson and you will be amazing!

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