The 4 Most Common Safety Mistakes in the Workplace

The 4 Most Common Safety Mistakes in the Workplace

Employers across the country are required by OSHA to provide their employees with healthy and hazard-free working conditions to avoid injuries, illnesses and even death. There are some freak accidents that do occur, but most mistakes are highly avoidable. In fact, due to avoidable mistakes, there are about 14 deaths every day in the workplace, according to OSHA.

Workplace safety initiatives should be driven by safety training, education and keeping things up to date. Below are some examples of workplace safety mistakes, giving you a good idea of what to look out for and how to keep them at bay.

1. Delaying Maintenance

Machines with technical and mechanical issues create a major risk for employees who use them as well as those who work around them. Maintenance and inspections on these machines need to be regular and routine to identify potential risks that could turn into major health and safety problems for employees.

Companies can schedule inspections in advance and have them staggered out so not all machines are shut down. The main thing here is to keep production as much a priority as safety and vice versa.

2. Skipping Over Training

Training and education are the first lines of defense for avoiding major health and safety issues. When companies bring on new employees, they may feel rushed to get them out on the floor and working. But before any work is done there needs to be the right safety training program in place to make sure they understand their responsibilities and all the mechanical tasks that are included in their role.

Another important business task to handle for companies is to invest in the right local business insurance, such as workers’ compensation insurance. Orlando Business Insurance options are available to companies who are looking to keep their employees safe as well as their own operations and well-being.

3. Using the Wrong Tools

Some companies need to pinch pennies when it comes to prioritizing their finances. To save money, some businesses will use alternate tools to take care of jobs, like using a ladder instead of scaffolding. While this may save money initially, in the long run, it creates a safety issue for those who use it. Tools specific to the task at hand should be the only tools used as this will help to avoid costly issues and injuries down the road.

4. Ignoring Health and Safety Systems

There are safety management software programs that help to keep track of all independent moving parts of a business and help to avoid making costly mistakes. New technology should be implemented so companies have the best interest of their employees in mind and up to date. This helps maintain compliance and ensure the safety of workers in a simple way.


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