How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Every job, no matter how perfect it may seem, comes with stress of some kind. At some point, even someone’s dream job may seem like a stress giver, causing them to feel unwanted pressure in their work life and personal life. Even if you love what you do, stress will always play a role.

According to a survey composed by the American Institute of Stress, about 46 percent of respondents said that workload was the main cause of stress, meaning that work-life balance has been increasingly impeded on for the American worker. You can’t always avoid stress, especially in more laborious settings, such as warehouses and construction, but there are ways to manage it.

Common Causes of Work Stress

There are certain factors that tend to correlate with work-related stress. Some common workplace stressors include:

  • Low wages
  • Excessive workload
  • No path for advancement
  • Lack of social support
  • Unclear performance expectations
  • Work that isn’t engaging
  • Little work-life balance

For business owners, they carry a whole other set of stressors on top of those listed above. In the commercial market in Florida, there are many different ways in which a business owner can feel pressure and garner stress. One is having to oversee the stress management of an entire employee workforce. If one person has an illness or injury, which cause even more stress, this could put a damper on an owner’s esteem.

One way stress can be avoided or dampened is by obtaining comprehensive commercial insurance in Florida, including employment practices liability insurance. Commercial insurance options are available to business leaders looking to protect not only their operations but those who help make things run. Obtaining local coverage can help to protect everything from employee well-being to inventory to finances.

Managers and owners can implement stress-handling techniques for their employees from the start. Here are some ways in which employees can avoid stress in the workplace:

Be Clear on Requirements

One factor that contributes to feeling stressed or burned out at a job is having unclear requirements or expectations. If an employee doesn’t know exactly what is expected of them, or if requirements change at a moment’s notice, they may find themselves more stressed out than they need to be. Supervisors should be open and communicative with their employees as to what is expected of each of their roles and how they can come to a solution when it comes to any confusion.

Keep Conflict Low

Interpersonal conflict can occur in any workplace setting, even a friendly environment. Conflict can take a toll on physical and emotional health, which leads to more and more stress for all involved. One way to keep this away is to avoid things like gossip and not sharing deeply personal opinions, such as religion or politics. If conflict still finds a way in, it’s up to leaders to find a way to deal with it appropriately.

Stay Organized

Keeping plans and organization as priorities can help to decrease stress at work. The more things are in disarray around you, the more you will feel out of sorts. Being organized with time, for example, means that you don’t feel rushed to get things done. Clutter can be a major component of stress, so being as planned as possible can help kick out unwanted stress.

Walk It Out

Sedentary office environments have been known to add major stress on someone’s mind, especially if they’re staring at a computer screen all day. But even commercial workplaces can become sedentary or monotonous at times. Taking a break at lunch or different times during the day to walk and have a conversation with someone can help to take your mind off things and loosen your mood.

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