Orlando Employee Benefits Holistically Improve Business

Newman Crane

Not everyone can work for Google and most companies cannot afford to offer those types of luxurious perks and benefits. However, workplace trends show that traditional Orlando employee benefits packages are no longer drawing workers. Companies are investing in and exploring new ways to entice employees with benefits that extend far beyond standard worker’s compensation, retirement plans and healthcare offerings. Workers are increasingly looking to businesses with better perks. Employees are enthusiastically seeking employers which offer other types of advantages, such as flexible work schedule options and employee advancement programs. Even hourly workers are seeking these types of programs in a workplace, especially entry-level employees hoping to grow within an organization.

Offering progressive employee benefits and perks can make your company more attractive to prospective workers and yield higher retention rates. When employees are happy they tend to stick around, and spread the word.

Here are a few prevalent practices that can help lure in good workers and help you keep them.

  • Benefits beyond basic healthcare. Offering vision and dental coverage, life insurance policies, retirement funding options and more has been proven to entice workers. Partner and family benefit extensions help protect the important people in your worker’s lives which can go a long way in bolstering loyalty and dedication.
  • Flexible work schedules help not only the employees navigate their busy lives, but can increase company productivity. Work-from-home options greatly decrease the need for employees to use sick days and take other unscheduled time off. Schedule flexibility also entices workers to remain with an organization, especially when unforeseen situations or family needs arise.
  • Getting involved in their health and well-being. Companies who offer gym memberships, nutrition education and other wellness activities generally have healthier workforces. Devoting resources to the well-being of your workers shows them that you care. As a result, employees will more likely perform better and display more dedication.
  • Invest in their future. Promoting skill development and educational training can be monumentally lucrative for your business. Skilled workers are invaluable to an organization. Employee enrichment generates more dynamic workers with versatile skill sets. Reimbursing students for tuition is a tax-deductible investment in the future of an employee as well as that of your company.

At Newman Crane we can help you design an Orlando Employee Benefits plan that will help your company acquire and retain the most talented and dedicated employees. Your Benefits plan will be as comprehensive as you wish, custom designed for your organization’s needs and budget. Call one of our business coverage specialists at (407) 859-3691.