Orlando Shipping Insurance: Freight Floaters

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Orlando Shipping Insurance: Freight Floaters

Long past are the days of zeppelins and blimps, yet airships may be making a comeback in a gigantic way. While airplanes have overshadowed airships over the last century, aircraft manufacturing company Aeros has been diligently working over the last decade to reassert airships as a viable option for shipping and transportation. According to Igor Pasternak, Aeros CEO, their Aeroscraft “is truly the beginning of a vertical global transportation solution for perhaps the next 100 years.”

A fully functional, half-scale prototype of the Aeroscraft launched successfully last year out of a small hanger in Southern California. The success of the Aeroscraft comes after millions in research and development financial assistance from across the board, including NASA. The rigid craft is rendered to be light, sturdy, atmospherically buoyant and highly maneuverable. Unlike hybrid airships there is no need for lift generation as the craft is non-flammable helium powered. The primary mechanical principle of the aircraft is a series of helium tanks linked by pipes to what they call helium pressure envelopes, which increase or decreases the amount of lift generated as the pilot requires. This allows the Aeroscraft to take off and land from virtually anywhere, decreasing the need for costly infrastructure. If completed, the Aeroscraft will measure out to be over 400 feet long and capable of lifting 66 tons or more.

Pasternak hopes that his Aeroscraft will be the future of shipping as well as recreational travel. The ability to transport large amount of cargo through the air with minimal infrastructure can come in handy when working in volatile climates or conditions. He envisions the ships being used in everything from military operations to resource management and distribution thanks to the runway-less touch-down capabilities. Industries will benefit from more access to remote locations. The technology could also allow travelers vacation opportunities reminiscent of an oceanic cruise yet with more potential given its ability to hover over land.  The icing on the cake will be the Aeroscraft’s green footprint and environmentally friendly operation, decreasing the use of fossil fuels and conserving natural resources traditionally consumed by the aforementioned industries.

Floating freight may still be a few years away, however there is much to look forward to out of the aircraft industry. For now, it is increasingly important to protect your property and goods while traveling from shore-to-shore by land or sea. Having the right Orlando shipping insurance can help make sure your business investments remain secure in transit.

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