Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance: Reducing Information Leaks

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Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance: Reducing Information Leaks

As we discussed previously, data loss occurs when outsiders gain access to private company files, data and technology. Networks that store, use and transmit personal data from clients and employees are highly likely to experience security intrusions resulting in stolen data regardless of the type, size and profile of a business. Hackers can even gain access to non-digital documentation by acquiring professional credentials, passwords and access-codes. An amassing variety of technologies such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and data cloud services presents new opportunities for cyber criminals to infiltrate traditional in-house security precautions.

When assessing your business’s risk of exposure to security breaches the Federal Trade Commission suggests considering the following:

  • Minimizing access to private information. Strictly monitoring which employees come in contact with sensitive data and limiting the devices which store or access that data can decrease the amount of opportunities hackers have to obtain it.
  • Storing personal data in encrypted or password protected files does help, however whenever possible storing employee and client data on a device which does not have internet connectivity such as USB or external data storage drives.
  • Utilizing multiple Anti-virus, Malware and Firewall protection programs.  Different software are programmed to isolate specific types of threats, using a variety of programs strengthens your organization’s defenses.
  • Applying conversion software such as PDF generators, file encryption, and meta data removal before transmitting files through email or information cloud storage systems strips documents of certain private information.
  • Clean-up software should be utilized to dispose of sensitive material.
  • Using secure network connections like Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) can help protects customer data when.

Security infractions can happen quickly, however there are many warning signs that savvy IT workers can spot before a small threat becomes a huge problem. Continually monitoring, reassessing and adjusting your company’s digital security procedures can proactively protect any business. Traditional digital safety precautions, such as password protection, remain important for maintain cyber security and should be implemented along with some careful policy making and business risk management planning. Additionally, Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance can be an important addition to business insurance policies to protect your company from any information breaches and digital data leakage.

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