Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance: Creating a Data Protection Plan

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Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance: Creating a Data Protection Plan

In an increasingly digital world all businesses face risks of data breaches, information theft and cybercrime. Security breaches encountered by large retail chains such as Target and Michaels which have exposed thousands of customers’ personal information are increasingly likely to affect small businesses as well. These data leaks can be costly and destructive to a well-established company, let alone a budding organization.  With cybercrime on the rise, analysts agree that most organizations will experience some form of security leak or cybercrime. Often general liability insurance will not sufficiently cover damages done by cybercrime, leaving your business responsible for expensive legal, compensations and restoration fees.

The Bureau of Consumer Protection recommends that businesses have a carefully implemented strategy to handle customer data in this increasingly risky climate which limits not only your exposure to security cracks but also includes a well thought out response if and when an incident occurs.

When establishing a personal information protection plan it is imperative that your employees understand what information you acquire, retain and dispose of. Keeping only the personal information that is needed for basic business operations can be fundamental to protecting your customers and clients. Safeguarding the information that you do collect and keep can be challenging; we will discuss in a later post tactics for tightening the security of your clients, customers, and employees’ personal information.

Improper disposal of unneeded information can also present a liability risk for businesses, as information can still be accessed through discarded and archived files. A well thought out course of action for the unintentional exposure of personal information can be the different between an isolated incident and a full scale epidemic. Part of any good risk management strategy is obtaining the proper Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance coverage to protect your business and your customers.

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