Prepare For a Disaster With Orlando Commercial Property Insurance

Newman Crane

Orlando property owners are no stranger to the constant threat of natural disasters. Hurricanes and tropical storm systems pose severe threats to commercial property holdings. Their effects can induce flooding, fires, debris damage and geologic instability. The recent Midwestern devastation serves as a strong reminder that Florida is not immune to tornados and other inclement weather conditions either. Commercial property owners are especially vulnerable to facing harsh financial ramifications caused by natural disasters, but having a comprehensive Orlando commercial property insurance plan can help minimize those losses.

A typical Orlando commercial property insurance plan will often include standard general liability coverage to protect structures from accidental damage, however, special additions are needed to protect your buildings from specific weather-related destruction. Orlando Flood Insurance, fire coverage and even hurricane protection are supplemental provisions to any land or property owner’s risk management program.

These policies will help cover replacement values for damaged assets and structures as well as provide rebuilding or repair expenses. It’s important to remember, too, that you should always check with your insurance carrier before attempting to make any repairs on your own, as recommended by the Better Business Bureau. But what about the long-term financial implications of those repairs?

For a long-term loss of income, the best protection is adding Orlando Business Interruption coverage to your Orlando commercial property insurance strategy.  During the time your properties are unable to be utilized, Orlando business interruption policies can help recuperate lost income that is a result of unforeseen circumstances and natural disasters.

There are countless risk exposures Orlando commercial property owners face on a daily basis, let alone in the aftermath of a devastating natural event. Through all the chaos that ensues, you will rest easier knowing that your commercial property and assets are protected under a complete Orlando Commercial Property Insurance package.

At Newman Crane, our property and liability experts will create a policy based solely upon the coverage you truly need. We understand the risks commercial property owners face and are dedicated to helping you protect all your assets and holdings.  Our complete Orlando Building Owners and Commercial Rental Property insurance plans are fully customizable to safeguard your investments. Give us a call today at (407) 859-3691 for more information about any of our offerings.