Orlando Life Insurance Policies are Affordable Security

Florida Life Insurance

Orlando Life Insurance Policies are Affordable Security

While many Floridians understand the importance of a good Orlando Life Insurance policy when managing their assets for the future, a recent study commissioned by the LIFE Foundation and industry research group LIMRA revealed that many American families go unprotected. What is most concerning is that more than one out of three women believes she is under insured as opposed to 29% of men who reported the same concern. Another survey group recently reported that only twenty percent of surveyed mothers under age 30 had any life insurance coverage. These gaps indicate that many women in various socio-economic sectors are severely unprotected from financial instability. The LIMRA findings revealed that eighty-three percent of consumers overestimate the cost of an adequate life insurance policy. Of survey participants, 85% admitted placing other financial priorities above life insurance coverage.

The truth is that Orlando Life Insurance can be very affordable. While traditional permanent policies often have higher premiums life insurance rates are reportedly at a historical low according to the Insurance Information Institute. The benefits of whole life, universal life, variable life and variable universal life policies lie in their duration, these types of policies remain effective so long as the premium is paid. Some of these policies not only protect the beneficiaries from costs incurred from death-related expenses, but also accrue interest on funds allocated for long term financial support or additional cash value. Policy holders can often save on their premiums by paying annually, rather than on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The best cost effective Orlando Life Insurance solution is often obtaining a term life policy designed to afford financial protection for a specified duration of time. Term life insurance policies can not only lower the cost of premiums but also allows the holder to adjust their Orlando Life Insurance policies more frequently and reevaluate their coverage needs upon the termination of a policy. These policies are usually available for periods of time ranging from one year to 30 years.

At Newman Crane we understand that procuring the best Orlando Life insurance policy is one of those steps we take more for our loved ones than for ourselves. Our team of highly skilled Florida Life Insurance consultants can match your needs to the specific type of insurance plan that suits you best. We also offer Long-Term Care Insurance policies for businesses looking to provide a means for employees to protect their savings and assets. For more information on any of our Orlando Life insurance or financial planning program options call us today at (407) 859-3691.