Manage Cyber Liability Risks by Recycling Electronics

Manage Cyber Liability Risks by Recycling Electronics

Is it time to upgrade your company’s laptops? Are you planning to purchase a new smart phone? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages individuals and businesses to recycle electronics, because many of the components used to make them are valuable natural resources that can be reused. According to the EPA, every million laptops recycled saves enough energy to power more than 3,500 houses for a year. Before you hand off your used electronics to a local recycler, you need to manage cyber liability risks by recycling electronics. You also need to protect yourself with Central Florida Cyber Liability Insurance in case sensitive, private information falls into the wrong hands.

Be Careful Who You Trust

Even if you think you’ve deleted sensitive information from your device, hackers know how to access it anyway. Passwords, financial information, social security numbers, trade secrets-should your old electronics fall into the wrong hands, the damage could be monumental. Before you recycle your equipment, have a trusted IT professional wipe the devices’ hard drives. When you are ready to recycle your electronics, choose a company that has received a professional industry certification (R2 and e-Stewards are examples) and thoroughly research its credentials.

What a Reputable Recycler Will Do

Certified electronics recyclers use a combination of methods to protect your data. They may override your information by zeroing out your hard drive’s memory sectors so old data cannot be retrieved. They may use neutralize magnetic storage devices using a giant magnet. They may physically destroy your hard drive and shred the internal components. Recyclers do have the tools to remove data from your devices and should also back up their work by providing you a certificate of data destruction. The challenge is that even when choosing a reputable recycler, you can never be absolutely certain that every employee is honest.

There’s no question that recycling electronics is great for the environment. But with the prevalence of cyber crime, you need to be extremely cautious and use only certified e-recyclers who will destroy all data on your devices. You also need to make sure your cyber liability insurance policy is iron-clad. Contact us at Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, (407) 859-3691 and we will ensure you’re protected in the event of data theft.