Four Tips for a Small Business Security System


As a small business owner, there are certain things you do to protect your interests. You secure Orlando & Central Florida Property Insurance  so you’ll be reimbursed should your business suffer damages from fire, weather, or theft. You can’t protect yourself from theft if you don’t know it’s occurring. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, theft by employees costs U.S. businesses up to $40 billion a year and in 75% of cases, employers have no idea these crimes have occurred. Whether you want to protect your business from external or internal theft, a security system makes good business sense. Here are four tips for a small business security system.

Choose the Right Cameras

Essentially, there are two types of cameras used in security systems: closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and internet protocol (IP) cameras. CCTV cameras communicate only with the recorders and monitors that are connected to the CCTV system. You won’t be able to view the footage remotely. Digital IP cameras have built-in servers and internet connections. You can access them from any mobile device.

Choose Camera Placement Carefully

Do you want your cameras to be located in plain sight, so they can deter would-be criminals? Or do you want to disguise your cameras so you can root out dishonest employees who may be stealing from you? Either way, you’ll get the best visibility by mounting cameras at least 7 feet up, and pointed at a 10- to 15-degree angle.

Besides Cameras, Decide What Other Protections You Need

 For most security systems, cameras are unquestionably the most important consideration. There’s no better protection than being able to see what’s going on at your property round the clock, and having video footage you can use as evidence if a crime occurs. Some security systems can be integrated with fire, flood, and carbon monoxide sensors that will quickly alert you to dangers that may not be detected on camera.

Make Sure You’ll Have Mobile Access

If you’d like the peace of mind of being able to monitor your business remotely, make sure your security system is compatible with your mobile device. This way you can check in from home, when you’re on vacation, etc.

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