How to Create a Fair Workplace

How to Create a Fair Workplace

In today’s increasingly litigious environment, it is more important than ever to strive to make sure all of your employees feel valued, appreciated, and, above all else, treated fairly. This is easier said than done, since “fairness” is largely a matter of perception. Creating an atmosphere of fairness requires a concerted effort. You may feel confident that your workplace is fair and impartial and that all employees are being treated with respect. You may have no idea that an employee has been simmering with rage over feeling marginalized or treated unfairly — until that employee files a discrimination complaint against you. It’s essential to learn how to create a fair workplace and to protect yourself with Florida Employment Practices Liability insurance.

Be Sincere

Employees appreciate knowing where they stand. If you are upset about something, let them know. Don’t lead an employee to believe he’s doing fine, when actually you’re dissatisfied with his performance. That can lead you to be passive-aggressive, and employees can sense that. If you’re unhappy with something, let your employees know so they can make improvements.

Set a Good Example

A fair workplace is one in which all employees feel respected regardless of their differences. Off-color jokes, offensive language, political discussions, and gossip have no place in the workplace. Don’t engage in these things and if you hear them from your employees, let everyone know they won’t be tolerated.

Don’t Pick Favorites

We all gravitate toward certain people and personality types. When you’re the boss, you have to make an effort to divide your time and attention equally among all employees. If you focus your attention on a select few and rarely have one-on-one time with your other employees, you’re contributing to an atmosphere of anxiety and, potentially, hostility. Make all employees feel valued and they’ll perceive that you run a fair workplace.

Practice Empathy

When you run a business, you wear many hats. Sometimes it makes sense to put on your “good-listener” hat. Does an employee seem down, distracted, or upset? Ask him how he is and listen. If he is upset about a workplace issue, address it.

Be Quick to Praise

It costs nothing to pull an employee aside and tell him, “Great job!” Make a conscious effort to identify opportunities to complement employees for positive behaviors big and small. You’ll naturally praise a salesman that lands a lucrative new contract. Don’t forget to praise the customer service rep who calms a disgruntled customer.

Ensuring that your workplace is fair to all employees will increase productivity, according to a study from the Williams Institute at UCLA. It also will reduce the risks that you’ll be sued for discriminatory practices. Sometimes, even employers who operate fair, open, and welcoming workplaces find themselves accused of illegal employment practices. It is smart to protect your business with a comprehensive employment practices liability policy. Call us today at Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, (407) 859-3691. We will craft a policy tailored to your unique business.