Important Tips for Staying Safe While Working on Loading Docks

Important Tips for Staying Safe While Working on Loading Docks

Loading docks are ground zero for functionality in warehouses as shipments load in and head out all day. But they can also be ground zero for major safety issues for those working in the area. According to OSHA, warehouses pose a great risk for workers, and can be landing spots for major injuries including death.

Loading docks are constantly swirling with potential dangers and near-misses for those working on site. Without proper training, employees who work on loading docks could find themselves in significant safety and wellness danger. So, what are some good ways warehouse loading docks can implement safety and awareness in their environments? Here are a few suggestions.

Insuring a Warehouse

Warehouse insurance is a comprehensive way for companies to keep their loading docks financially supported in the middle of injury-related issues. If an employee is injured due to loading dock hazards it can spell plenty of problems for the company in question.

Having warehouse insurance will help to provide the right kind of protection for not only your employees, but the cargo inside. There are many different issues that can arise in a fast-paced and potentially dangerous environment like a warehouse, and having warehouse insurance will help to keep everything safe and supported.

Forklift Hazards

The most dangerous elements of a loading dock can be connected to the machinery used to move things along. Many loading dock operations involve lots of quick movements with big machines. Everything needs to be working together to avoid accidents, which can be very costly. Forklifts can easily topple over, fall of edges or knock around smaller items, causing hazards to produce. More than 94,000 people are injured due to forklifts every year. Warehouses should implement best practices for forklift safety and use to keep the health of every employee safe, even those who don’t usually go near forklifts.

Staying Alert

It’s also important for workers in warehouses to be aware of their attention and alertness. If an employee is feeling sluggish and running low on sleep, they can end up creating a hazard by their own actions. In very fast-paced environments like loading docks common fatigue can lead to costly mistakes. Warehouse leaders should be aware of the overall alertness of all employees and push for proper sleep and rest so no one is putting themselves or others in harm’s way due to fatigue. This can be helped out by implementing periodic breaks consistent schedules that allow for work-life balance.

The Role of Carbon Monoxide

Poorly ventilated areas of a warehouse can become breeding grounds for undetectable poison that can harm employees. The burning of fuel can quickly replace the air around loading docks, adding another element of danger that’s not seen. The best way to keep this risk at bay is to open up proper ventilation and the installation of carbon monoxide alarms that sense certain levels of the gas.

Slips, Trips and Falls

No matter what kind of warehouse environment employees work in, slips and falls are always an element of dangers. These are the most commons types of hazards facing warehouse/loading dock employees. Having wet signs is a good start, but being aware of how to operate in the safest possible way will help to cut down on slips and falls.

Warehouses should have regular sweeps every hour to look for things like leaks, streaks and possible pathway obstructions that can lead to trips and falls. Team leaders can nominate a new employee every week or day to take care of identifying issues and get the right help to clean up what needs to be in order to keep areas safe and operational.


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