How to Prevent Horseplay in the Workplace

How to Prevent Horseplay in the Workplace

All work and no play can make some employees feel too restricted at work. No matter the industry, no matter the size of employee base, it’s important to loosen up a bit. But when it comes to dangerous spaces like warehouses, with different ways to get injured, it helps to keep things in line to a certain degree.

Horsing around in any workspace, especially an industrial setting, can cause serious issues for both employees and the companies they work for. Warehouses need to be extra careful when it comes to horseplay and set up the right expectations for everyone on the floor. Here are some key things to teach workers about the dangers of messing around too much at work.

Not Just Harmless Fun

Some employees may need to let off some steam from time to time, which is completely fine. But when simple playing around turns into the possibility of serious injury it can bring a number of different issues, including legal problems, to a company. While camaraderie should be encouraged, messing around to the point of things getting out of hand should not be.

Some people see horseplay as harmless fun and have the idea that adults are responsible enough to not let things get too out of hand. But some things can’t be controlled completely, especially in a warehouse setting with things like forklifts, tools and sharp edges surrounding everyone.

Even if horseplay doesn’t necessarily result in an injury, there are other effects that can sink in. If someone is the butt of a joke or is teased in some way, this can cause embarrassment and hurt feelings, which can lead to revenge among coworkers, turning harmless fun into a major problem.

Bad for The Bottom Line

Employers have to understand that horseplay of any kind, even light teasing, can lead to big problems among their employees as well as costly legal issues. Safety incidents can lead to injuries taking place, causing liability coverage plans to be enacted. These insurance plans, such as warehouse insurance, can be specialized to meet the needs of a client. They can cover things like injuries and financial loss, but even with this safeguard, employers should still instill an environment of safety ad respect.

Employers should take steps to control and minimize risk in their warehouse. Some environments have a zero-tolerance policy, which can work, especially if it’s a place where things like toxic chemicals and expensive items are housed. And no matter the workplace, organizations should be clear about what is an acceptable amount of horsing around on their premises, among employees by setting clear boundaries.

Having a zero-tolerance policy makes it more possible to limit liabilities in a warehouse and less hazardous to work in. There can be signs posted to remind employees of the codes of conduct and educational sessions set up on a regular basis to refresh employees of the expectations set forth by management.

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