Is Your Business Hurricane Ready?

Is Your Business Hurricane ReadyThe height of the Atlantic hurricane season runs from August through the end of October. As a Florida small business owner, you should have a comprehensive hurricane readiness plan for your business.  To make sure your business is hurricane ready, heed the following advice.

Put Your Plan in Writing

According to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, once a storm is bearing down, people often go into panic mode as they rush to stock up on supplies and safeguard their property. Without a plan, it’s easy to overlook critical steps.

Your plan should:

  • Spell out steps to safeguard the building and equipment,
  • Assign specific duties to individual employees,
  • List which employees, if any, will ride out the storm in the building,
  • Address how to protect crucial documents, and
  • Include contact information for your insurance agent.

Essential Preparations to Include in Your Written Plan

Step one of your plan should include a list of action items, including but not limited to the following:

  • Board up windows and glass doors.
  • Make sure company vehicles are filled with gas and store them offsite in a protected area.
  • Move furniture and equipment away from windows and cover items with plastic tarps.
  • Prepare sandbags and place them in flood prone areas.
  • Elevate sensitive equipment and electronics (or, better yet, remove them from the building.)
  • Stock the building with emergency supplies, food, and water if any employees will ride out the storm inside.
  • Check the exterior of your business for anything that could become airborne in high wind and remove or secure those objects.

The best way to reduce the risks that your business will be damaged by a hurricane is to prepare extensively. The best way to ensure your business is not financially devastated is to ensure your insurance is in full affect. Contact us at Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, (407) 859-3691, to make sure you are protected.