Ensuring HR Compliance in the Workplace

HR Compliance

It’s in every business’s best interest to have a compliant human resources department in the workplace. After all, compliance is a top area of focus and concern for both human resources departments and executives in a company. Before creating an HR compliance list, it’s a good rule of thumb to understand the nature of compliance and how to manage it throughout a business’s operations.

What is HR Compliance?

HR compliance is a process of defining policies and procedures to ensure your employment and work practices demonstrate a complete understanding of applicable laws, while also being aware of the company’s larger human capital resources goals. Some companies decide to create their policies and procedures in house and some refer to local professionals, such as Orlando HR Solutions. The ladder helps guide businesses when it comes to the complexities of HR compliance. Having an HR specialist  in your corner helps to limit the risk of HR lawsuits and compliance issues if pursued on your own.

Companies of all sizes in all industries face increasing HR complexities as the number of employment laws and regulations is rising, and the risk of penalties for non-compliance and HR lawsuits has never been higher.

Here are some ways to ensure HR compliance inside the workplace.

  • Documenting Policies and Procedures: If something is important to the overall success of a business, then it needs documentation in a handbook. The idea of documenting policies can  easily overwhelm employers when they try to create the perfect policy language on the first draft. The simple fact is your employee policies and procedures don’t have to be complicated. The most important aspect is having documentation to call on. When crafting policies and procedures, consider soliciting input from all levels of your business. Also, keep in mind that whatever procedures and policies you establish need to be maintained regularly.
  • Applying Policies & Procedures: Businesses should implement HR compliance policies and procedures from the top down. You won’t get buy-in from your team if the rules don’t apply equally to everyone, so don’t let employees who bring in a lot of revenue go unchecked. When you diverge from your policies and procedures, you invalidate their importance.
    Companies need to regularly review their policies regularly with their entire staff throughout the year.  
  • Reinforce with Training: Reinforce your human resources compliance procedures and policies by making training a regular event. The more familiar your team is with expectations, the less likely they will be to make those mistakes. HR leaders can also remove the fear of compliance failure by utilizing employee training on an ongoing basis. For instance, employers have many compliance obligations to provide mandated employment notices by certain deadlines every year. If your company misses one of those deadlines, it’s important to address it and not waste time laying the blame on the responsible team.

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