How Businesses Can Recover After Storm Damage

After any severe disaster, many business owners wonder how to start picking up the pieces. You not only have to worry about repairing your own home, but you have to take care of your commercial property as well. If you live in a hurricane-prone area and your building was affected by severe water or wind damage, for instance, you should have hurricane recovery tips ready to go to reduce repair time and get you back up and running sooner. Here are some storm damage recovery tips.

Always Stay Safe

Safety should always be your top priority. Even after the rain stops and the floodwaters recede, the dangers related to flooding are still present, as you may not be able to see potential electrical hazards, water contaminants, and gas leaks with an untrained eye. With this in mind, be sure to avoid entering a property until an inspector determines the structure is safe to enter.

Update or Sign Up for Insurance

The 2020 hurricane season has been brutal on communities and businesses from Texas to the Carolinas. And while the season is ending soon, at this pace, the next hurricane season looks to be even more intense. That’s why obtaining or updating your Orlando Commercial Property Insurance helps to prepare for the next storm season.

Orlando Commercial Property Insurance helps to provide coverage for everything from general liability to business income loss due to severe storms. Be sure to have this coverage on hand and contact your trusted Orlando Commercial Property Insurance provider to evaluate coverage or file a claim.

Restoring Your Business After a Storm

After you have the all-clear to enter your place of business, be sure to follow some responsible steps to safely examine the damages and begin your property’s recovery and restoration.

  • Wear Safety Gear: Since there will likely be debris, floodwater, and broken glass inside, you’ll need to be as prepared as possible. This includes wearing gloves, closed-toe shoes, and waders, if possible. Try to cover any exposed skin to reduce the risk of cuts, scratches, and infection from storm damage.
  • Survey the Entire Damage: Seeing your lifeblood damaged by a storm or hurricane can be devastating. Take your time to survey the property and the severity of the damage to understand the complete impact. As you assess the damage, remember to document it with pictures and videos for insurance claims and company records.
  • Clear Rubble and Try to Salvage What You Can: Remove repairable or unharmed items and be sure to store them in a cool, dry, and safe place until the restoration of your building is complete. If the rest of the debris is safe to handle, clear away what rubble you can so you can start repairs. Make any minor fixes if possible, but always be sure to ask for professional help where necessary.
  • Find Professional Help: There are professional flood damage experts available to help you tackle the job of cleaning up and repairing your damaged business property. First, do what you can on your own to clean up, but when you hit a wall or encounter more hazardous issues during the cleanup, don’t be afraid to contact professionals.

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