Employee Benefit Trends in 2016

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As a business owner, you know that employee benefits are a big part of your business. It can attract or turn-off potential employees and dictate how your employees act and feel within the company. As we ease into 2016, it is important to revisit Central Florida Employee Benefits and your company’s plan. U.S. News provides a snapshot of what to expect in employee benefits trends in 2016.

A Renewed Focus on Wellness programs and Financial Fitness .

Healthy employees are often more productive and focused. There will be a large number of employers who amp up their wellness programs and get more sophisticated in their offerings. The trend has moved to overall well-being which not only includes physical health, put also mental, emotional and financial.

Companies are increasing their attention on financial well-being through the forms of online resources, one-on-one financial advising, and seminars on saving for retirement. Companies see helping employees become more financially literate as creating happy, less stressed-out, productive team members.

Better automation and integration of benefits.

Many benefit processes previously done by paper, are moving online, making it easier for both the employer and the employees. This automation also will apply more to retirement accounts in everything from enrollment to changes in preferences. An online system, many employers are realizing, often brings several different benefit realms under one roof and makes it easier for employees to understand and use. As we move through 2016, we will see an increase in firms investing in this technology.

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