Business Insurance: What Policies Do You Really Need?

In businesses both large and small, a major priority is protecting assets and having the right types of insurance. But how to choose when there are so many? It often helps for business owners to learn more about the various types of insurance from Central Florida Business Auto Insurance  to property insurance, then to prioritize the types which are most important for the company.

An article by Business News Daily discusses various types of insurance and the benefits of each.

The first step of a business owner is to assess the company’s risks. For example, if a large majority of business is done on the road, auto insurance should probably be at the top of the priority list. Business insurance, in general, will keep you calm and content knowing you business is protected if something unexpected occurs.

Property insurance protects the company in the case of windstorm, lightning, vandalism or fire among other catastrophes. These events almost always occur without warning and can be detrimental to a company, therefore, property insurance is usually a priority for businesses. However, if a company is made up of employees working remotely, then this will not be a top priority. This all falls under assessing the company’s risk.

A few more common business insurance policies are workers’ compensation, employment practices liability insurance, umbrella insurance, flood insurance, landlord insurance and inland marine insurance.

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