Boosting Summer Business: Getting Outdoors

Boosting Summer Business: Getting Outdoors
Increasing Business in the Summer > Outdoor Event Considerations

In this article series, we’re focusing on how to increase the volume of your sales and boost business this summer. We’ve covered the basics, including how to tailor your marketing efforts to attract the locals and the tourists, now it’s time to cover outdoor events. What better way to interact with your community than to host an outdoor event? In addition to addressing your insurance needs with an Orlando General Liability Insurance policy, read on to discover how to make the most out of the beautiful weather and make it relevant to your business.

Get the necessary permits.

If you’re hosting a small event, it might not be a big deal. However, if you’re in a public setting, chances are, you’ll need to purchase a permit. There’s no faster way to shut down an event than to not carry the necessary permits.

City ordinances.

Noise ordinances, fire regulations, safety codes and more are likely going to apply to your outdoor event. Research these in advance so you can get them squared away before the stress of the event approaches.

Sweat the small stuff.

Is your event being held in an already existing outdoor facility? Great! That cuts your work in half. Otherwise, are you targeting a raw, uncommon area? Then advance planning and coordination is critical. You can expect to be in charge of everything — power, toilets, communications, equipment and food, among others. Make arrangements to bring everything to the venue, and taking everything out of the venue after the event is done, explains Event Stant.

Think of a “Plan B.”

Summer showers are common, so plan ahead by having tents to cover equipment and products. This can also double as shade for your guests, as well.

Think of your customers.

Apart from the logistics of it all, consider the comfort of your guests. In summer, you’re likely going to need plenty of water, sunblock, shade, restrooms, pest control, and blankets to lay on. Remember, the more thought you put into it, and the more comfortable the guests are, the longer they are likely to stay and participate in what you have to offer.

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