Boosting Summer Business: Tailor Your Marketing

Boosting Summer Business: Tailor Your Marketing

In our previous blog, we explored some of the ways you can boost your summer business. As the most popular time of year for shopping and being outdoors, what better way to take advantage of the summer tourism and potential for extra revenue? Read on to strategize how to tailor your marketing efforts to boost summer business and address your insurance needs with an Orlando General Liability Insurance policy.

Get on social media.

  • Social media is a free way to market your brand and your products while engaging with a large audience. Consider sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to start. There are plenty of features and campaigns that you can run on these sites, and there is no shortage of information on how to do so effectively.

Adjust your targets.

  • People use social media in a different way during the summer, such as posting more vacation content, photos from summer concerts, and videos of their kids doing outdoor activities. If it makes sense for your brand, consider advertising partnerships with hotels, outdoor venues, and other popular tourist destinations in your area. Getting your product or service on their social media feeds might introduce you to new clients who you would never otherwise reach, states Fund Box.

Modify pricing.

  • The best way to get people in the door is to offer summer discounts. Send these promotional offers via an email campaign to loyal customers, then reach out via social media to announce an upcoming sale, open house, or promotions.

Create videos.

  • With more emphasis on video content more than ever, now is that time to get on board. Show behind the scenes footage of what goes on at your business, sneak peeks at new products, interviews with your staff, a welcome video for new employees, and more.

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