Boosting Summer Business: Hosting Your Own Event

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In this series of posts, we have explored great ways for your small business to boost its revenue this season. Summer is the time where everyone wants to be outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy their loved ones’ company. With that in mind, bring your business to the people by hosting your own event. In addition to tailoring your marketing strategies and getting outdoors, heed the following advice for hosting a successful event at your store this summer. Even more importantly, address your insurance needs with an Orlando General Liability Insurance policy.

You might want to host an event, but you don’t know where to start. Well, with these simple tips you’ll have a successful and lucrative event in no time.

Identify your demographic.

Lure in the specific type of person you want at your event by offering customized incentives. For example, consider the following considerations from Grasshopper:

  • The appropriate time frame (Lunch hour? After work? Weekends?)
  • The lure (A free gift? A “celebrity” guest?)
  • The environment (Cocktail party? Brunch? VIP event?)
  • What is the value for the attendee?

Measure success.

Whether you want to bring in more customers during the off season, want to get press coverage, or just want to give your customers a VIP experience, implement a strategy to measure the success of the event. Consider:

  • How attainable your goal is.
  • If you have enough employees to pull it off.
  • If there are any partnerships you can establish to boost traffic.
  • The best time to host an event.

Think about logistics.

Do you have enough space, insurance coverage, food, drinks, DJ’s and supplies? Pulling off an event is not something that can be done last minute, and the more you think about the small things, the better it will turn out.

  • Does your insurance cover this event?
  • How are you going to collect customer information?
  • What is the overall budget for the event?
  • How many people are coming?
  • How do you plan on notifying your customers about the event? This is especially important. Focus on current customers, networking partners, family, friends, and new clientele.

Plan ahead and answer the above questions, and your event will be a hit.

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