A New Year’s Checklist for Businesses

A New Year's Checklist for Businesses

With 2019 already underway, it’s the perfect time to examine your company’s goals and challenges heading into the new year. It’s an important step to take a quick look back on 2018 and chart a coursed plan for the new year, setting goals and making some headway so your business can thrive.

Whether you’re looking to grow your social media presence, bring in more customers or expand your operations outside of your geographic zone at the moment, taking care of some early steps in the year can help you navigate the business of your business better.

Making Sure You Have the Right Insurance

Having the right business insurance plan can make a huge difference when trying to keep things running smoothly. No matter the industry, no matter the area, there are many ways in which a company can suffer financially in the event of an accident or loss. Business insurance Orlando options are there to help companies find the best coverage for their industry.

From cyber liability that protects your sensitive data to general liability, which backs you up on everything from slips and falls to major injuries, the right business insurance Orlando plan will help keep everything level, which makes for one less thing to worry about in the new year.

Planning and More Planning

You should already be on top of planning next year’s goals in everything from hiring to cutting costs to boosting sales. You don’t have to have everything completely drawn out down to the finest detail, but you should be eyeing some possible wins for 2019. Make a small checklist within a checklist to determine what areas of your business need more help and go from there. Just have general ideas as to what you want to get done in the year and a thought or two on how that can look.

Continuing Education

This is a must for small business owners, especially for certification renewal courses. Accounting, marketing, construction—it doesn’t matter; there are many different options for business owners to continue sharpening their skills as not only leaders, but influencers in their respective industry. Public speaking, grant writing, sales, and accounting operations are all continuing education options for small business owners and leaders.

Create or Enhance Your Social Media Presence

It’s 2019—if you don’t have a social media presence to some degree you’re way behind already. Companies began using Facebook back in 2006 and hopped on Twitter a couple years after before going more visual in 2011 with Instagram. Snapchat has even turned into a more business-heavy environment and companies are even taking applications and recruiting through the platform.

According to Social Media Examiner, 80% of the content we see online will be visual in some form. It’s time for your business to take advantage of this and create or add to your online library of video, image and graphics library to attract everything from new hires to new clients. Work with experts in the field or hire a social media strategist to help building your social profile and set some goals to gain followers.

Make Sure Your Accounting is in Order

Since it’s still the beginning of the year, you’re probably knee-deep in this last year’s taxes. But it’s not a problem to already get a leg up on prepping for next year’s taxes with getting your account information in order. Now is the time to organize paperwork for your accountant or tax preparer you’re already working with and lay the groundwork for a less busy tax season for 2019 taxes. Make sure you have accurate record of your business income, expenses, charitable giving, tax payments, etc. And always keep your receipts and last couple years’ tax returns.

Add Relevant Content to Your Site

Just like the need for more social media activity, especially video/visual content, there should be an emphasis on adding relevant content to your company website. Set up new habits focused on content and how it can be read or watched or even listened to. It would behoove your business plans to include developing a strong and informative content library and landing page presence on your site to inform, entertain and connect with customers/clients.

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