Keep Your Business Safe from These Common Winter Work Perils

Keep Your Business Safe from These Common Winter Work Perils

With winter settling in, the cold weather can bring plenty of risks to employees and business owners alike, especially if any work is done outside. For the construction industry, for example, there needs to be a focus of diligence to understand just what risks are posed. With the right preparation and education there can be a high level of responsibility that will pay off by limiting Orlando Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims.

An effective prevention technique that employers can instill is a push for safety on any jobsite. This will help keep everyone accountable and boost the importance of responsibility from the top down. Companies should initiate and reinforce safety protocols and make their expectations of safety transparently clear. With this attitude in place overall health and wellness of employees can be established and allowed to grow. But even with education and responsibility, there should be an awareness of the types of risk that can be waiting for workers on the job. Here are some to be on the lookout for.

Slips, Trips and Falls

In 2016, there were more than 48,000 workers who took days off due to a fall on a jobsite, not to mention nearly an additional 700 workers who died because of a fall. Along with slips and trips, these painful injury-inducing instances happen year-round, not just in winter, but definitely see an uptick when it’s cold and wet outside.

Snow, sleet and water create a more hazardous environment that increases the risk of worker injuries. Employers can avoid costly workers’ compensation claims by creating a proactive safety plan that specifically addresses slips and falls. This can enhance worker safety as well as minimize potential costs from payments out to Orlando Workers Compensation Insurance claims, government fines and equipment requirements.

How to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Ice buildup on walkways, uneven walking surfaces, and wet tile are just some of the common causes of slip and fall injuries. The different types of associated risks can bring a world of literal and figurative pain for companies and their employees. Walkways need to be kept clear as well as stairways and other work areas to ensure optimum safety.

Worksite leaders can remove hazards, such as water on floors and snow on sidewalks to keep their employees safe. Also, workers should be directed to keep their eyes on where they’re walking, especially during winter months, to look out for possible tripping hazards.

Battling the Elements

When working outside in the cold and snow, the risk of frostbite and hypothermia go up. Cold exposure can be a major risk factor for workers and poses long-lasting effects. Workers should look for the signs of hypothermia (shivering and shaking, lack of coordination, slurred speech) and frostbite (numb and pale skin, joint or muscle stiffness, blisters, swelling), and get help right away.

Workers should keep any affected body part elevated in order to reduce swelling and get to a warm area to prevent further heat loss. All wet clothing should be removed, and bandages should be placed on affected areas.


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