How to Keep Your Classic Car in Shape During the Winter

How to Keep Your Classic Car in Shape During the Winter

Keeping classic cars safe doesn’t always refer to their time on the road. Classic car owners know more than anyone that storing their vintage rides involves just as much TLC and attention to detail as when they’re being driven out on the road.

With the winter months settling and the colder elements bringing unseasonable risks to classic cars, owners need to take steps right now to keep up the overall health of their cars. Luckily, there are a handful of steps you can take to keep the overall integrity of a classic car high. Here are some:

Start with Car Care

Simple car care tasks can be taken to keep classic cars safe during winter. Before you store a car for the winter months, change the oil and filter and keep the engine running for a few minutes to get the clean oil circulating. Having fresh oil in a car, even one that’s stored for a few months, provides the ultimate in corrosion protection for storage.

Speaking of corrosion, prevent it by spraying the hood and door hinges with white lithium grease. Also, open the windows, doors and trunk and spray them down with silicone spray to keep weather stripping from bonding to the doors.

Stabilize Your Fuel

You may think that because you won’t be driving your classic car for a few months that it doesn’t have to have gas in it. On the contrary, you should first pump it full of fuel stabilizer followed by gasoline, and stay away from ethanol fuel. Pour the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer and drive the car around for about 15 minutes to get it mixed into the gas.

Keep It Insured

Another step to take has to do with the overall protection of the car while it’s kept in storage. The integrity of your car can be kept upheld with an insurance solution, like classic car storage insurance. This type of insurance program keeps vintage rides financially protected in the event of an accident or loss. Classic car storage insurance provides the right protection for owners against things that are out of their hands. Installing classic car storage insurance will provide peace of mind, especially when the car needs to be kept as secure as possible for the winter.

Seal Openings

Since it’s the winter, certain animals and critters may be looking for some warmth or some place to burrow for a while. Rodents like to get comfortable for the winter and stay warm inside spaces such as an unused classic car. Everything from squirrels to rats can get into your vehicle’s heater system, air filter box and exhaust.

Keep these unwanted guests out by closing the fresh air inlet by starting the engine and switching the heater to the recycle position. Follow that up by shutting off the engine and stuff steel wool into the air filter box intake duct. Remind yourself that this is plugged.

Keep the Battery Protected

Batteries won’t be able to stay charged through winter. Once a battery loses its charge it can freeze up. Car owners can remove the battery and store it somewhere indoors or keep it fully charged by hooking it up to a battery maintainer.

Cover It Up

Finally, after all your initial steps are taken care of, it’s time to cover it with a sheet. If it’s sitting outdoors, which is ill-advised, you can invest in a breathable water-resistant customer-fitted cover. A waterproof tarp ends up trapping moisture and encourages rust to produce.


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