What Warehouse Management Systems Need for Good Cybersecurity

What Warehouse Management Systems Need for Good Cybersecurity

When you think of warehouse security, you may think about the physical well-being aspect of integrity. But what about cybersecurity? The growing threat of supply chain hacking has made its way into warehouses from coast to coast, especially when these buildings and the companies that run them depend on technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

The focus has been shifted now to protecting the integrity of a warehouse and its contents on a number of fronts. Having a good security system in place to deter break-ins and burglaries is just as important as having the right data protecting. A cyber attack has the ability to shut down operations and cause a stir in the day to day operations of any warehouse, of any size. And now, cyber attacks are becoming harder to spot and more sophisticated. Let’s see how having a solid cybersecurity plan in place will positively impact a warehouse.

Liability Insurance

First things first, it’s important for a warehouse to have a reputable regional insurance plan already in place, such as an Orlando Liability Insurance option. This kind of insurance protects a warehouse against losses and sets up a plan specific to the needs of a supply chain and logistics company. As a warehouse owner, you can be held responsible for many different operations including arranging the transportation of goods to storing them. No matter what industry the warehouse is serving, any disruption in logistics can be detrimental.

Security Firewalls and Intrusion Protection

It’s worth making sure that any on premise warehouse management systems are secure. This applies to any IoT-type devices used to keep operations smooth and safe. Devices that are used for operations are plugged into a company’s broader network, and if this is hacked, it can spell trouble. Make sure to be up to date on the latest and safest security options for your company’s network.

Updated Software

On premise systems within a warehouse operation should regularly be updated and kept safe. With security threats becoming more regular and sophisticated, older versions of safety software are basically useless and vulnerable. Risk will increase every day that your operations are still outdated. One way this can be taken care of is implementing a cloud-based warehouse management system that promotes the latest safety protocols and is less susceptible to breaches.

Check Your Cybersecurity Policy

Companies typically have issues with ensuring that everyone understands an in-place security policy. This is where training and general knowhow come into place. Warehouse managers should make sure their employees are aware of the current cybersecurity measures as this will keep everyone aware of what to do when a cybersecurity attacks takes place.

Back Up Key Warehouse Performance Data

A good rule of thumb is to back up performance and order data to minimize the impact of a cyber attack. Some attacks can be encrypted and lock warehouse managers and employees out of certain files. Ransomware attacks are the most common types of attacks and now make their way to corporate data instead of just individual data. Having information backed up on a regular basis is a good defense against ransomware attacks.


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