Keeping Classic Cars Cool in the Heat

Keeping Classic Cars Cool in the Heat

One advantage that modern cars have over classic cars is that the owner doesn’t have to worry as much about overheating. While there are arguably a number of other benefits to having a modern car from an everyday operating perspective, keeping the engine cool is one that is called out regularly.

Today’s cars are tested to extremes of both cold and heat, but the same can’t be said for classic cars. It’s important to take the right measures to keep classic cars cool in when the temperatures rise. Whether you’re a business that offers classic car storage or an avid fan of collecting cars, taking heed of these tips can help to alleviate the worry of classic car in the stress of heat.

While It’s Parked or Housed

One simple method to keep classic cars cool while they’re parked is to keep blankets on the seats as well as the dashboard. This is a free and easy way to protect your interior from the elements. Make sure to crack the windows a bit just to let some air in and lessen the intensity of the heat caught inside.

Storage is a great option for those who want to not only keep cars out of the elements, but keep them safe. Choosing to keep a classic car stored will keep it out of the heat and away from other dangers like theft. However, there are still ways in which a classic car in storage can be damaged, such as flood. With this in mind, consider investing in classic car storage insurance, which helps to supply a level of additional coverage and peace of mind for your cherry ride.

When a Classic Car is in Use

As a classic car owner, you don’t want to just house them and not enjoy the ride. To combat the sun while the vehicle is in use, there are a number of things to do to keep them cool, even in the heat. As mentioned above, modern cars have more wherewithal to handle the extreme summer temperatures compared to older cars. Since this is the case, start by storing a great deal of coolant handy. When a classic car has enough coolant in it the driver can rest assured it is circulating and helping to keep even an older engine cool.

Tinted windows are another smart move to keep the interior cooler compared to not having this feature. If this is out of the question when it comes to the look and feel of the vehicle, an owner can put up shades when it’s parked in the sun.

Tires need to be properly inflated year round, but the summertime is crucial for classic cars tires. Underinflated tires cover more surface area of the ground and can create more friction when they spin. The heat that results from this can cause them to wear down faster and break suddenly.

There are many ways in which someone can keep a classic car cool in the summer, but nothing short of conventional and everyday ways to do so with modern cars. Be diligent about using these tips and be more mindful that classic cars, especially under the hood, can’t handle the heat as well as newer vehicles.

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