Warehouse Safety Best Practices: Use Safe Lifting Techniques

Warehouse Safety Best Practices: Use Safe Lifting Techniques

Regardless of what’s stored in your company’s warehouse, it is likely frequently moved around. Your employees probably pull boxes from inventory and stock new products on shelves and pallets all day long. There’s no denying the fact that warehouse personnel do plenty of heavy lifting! Unfortunately 20% of worker’s compensation claims involve back injuries, most of which result from using improper lifting techniques. Make sure that all of your warehouse personnel follow these tips from Murray Material Handling to reduce the likelihood that they’ll injure themselves while lifting heavy objects.

Keep the Back Straight

When you bend at the waist to pick something up, you exert pressure on your spinal cord. Yes, the backbone is strong, but it’s not immune to injury. Don’t bend. Keep your hips down and your back straight.

Bend at the Knees

The ideal way to lift is to bend at the knees, not at the waist. This transfers the excess weight to your legs, which are better equipped to absorb the pressure. As you squat down to lift, try to replicate the act of sitting on a chair with perfect posture.

Store Heavy Items Higher on Shelves

When you lift a heavy object from the ground, you’re far more likely to injure yourself. Ideally, store heavy objects at about most of your employees’ waist level. Lifting from this angle places the least stress on the back.

Practice Makes Perfect

Reversing bad lifting techniques takes time and can feel awkward. If you’re planning to implement a safe-lifting policy at your warehouse, demonstrate the proper technique and then have employees repeat it until it feels like second nature.

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