Warehouse Accidents: Preventing Forklift Injuries

Warehouse Accidents: Preventing Forklift Injuries
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Forklift accidents represent only 1% of total industrial accidents in the U.S, but they create 10% of reported physical injuries: 10,000 each year. These accidents cost companies more than $135 million dollars a year and many are avoidable, says Toyota Material Handling. These numbers are staggering, especially knowing that proper training and safety techniques are all that is required to significantly reduce this figure. In our last post, we covered some of the most common warehouse accidents. This time, we’ll dive deeper into how to prevent forklift injuries from occurring in the first place. Read on to discover how you can minimize Orlando Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims.

Pedestrian injury prevention.

Ideally, your warehouse will be able to separate forklift paths and pedestrian paths. However, this isn’t always feasible or cost-effective. Forklifts are heavy and take time to stop, so if a pedestrian crosses its path, it could have devastating consequences. Here’s how to avoid a mishap:

  • Use floor tape to indicate pedestrian and forklift pathways.
  • Place mirrors on aisle ends, corners, and ceilings.
  • Ensure forklift lights and warning horns are working.
  • Keep the warehouse well-lit.

Ongoing training.

Many warehouse managers overlook OSHA regulation 1910.178(l) (4), which says that refresher training in relevant topics shall be provided to the operator when:

  • An operator has been observed to operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner the operator has been involved in an accident or near miss incident,
  • The operator has been assigned to operate a different type of truck,
  • A condition in the workplace changes in a manner that could affect safe operation of the truck.

Even though you might have employees who operate heavy machinery each day, it doesn’t hurt to give a refresher course. This way, you might be eligible to save money on insurance premiums and reduce the severity of the injury should one occur. Needless to say, your new hires should never operate a forklift without formal training.

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