Common Warehouse Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Common Warehouse Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Regardless of warehouse type, there are some things that hold true throughout: accidents. As the same machinery is used in various operations and the similar risks exist in every warehouse, we’re going to examine the most common accidents and how employees can prevent them to minimize Orlando Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims.

Forklift accidents.

Each month, an average of two warehouse workers die on the job after being crushed by heavy machinery, according to the OSHA weekly fatality/catastrophe report. Serious and fatal accidents often occur once employees become comfortable and complacent while operating large pieces of equipment. Though it’s good for forklift operators to know and understand their machines, they should always remain vigilant and aware of their power.

Slips and falls.

With so much equipment and product in a warehouse, slips and falls are prominent sources of injuries. To prevent them, keep aisles clean, implement good housekeeping practices, wear proper shoes, and rid the warehouse of waste immediately.

Falling items.

Stacking is a necessary practice for warehouse storage. However, heavy items should be stored lower to the ground to prevent injury or death should something go awry. Next, stack smart. Focus on shape and size of objects when determining how to store them in the warehouse.

Pallet breaks.

According to Rack Express, prevent pallet collapses by utilizing the following techniques:

  • Performing regular pallet rack safety inspections
  • Storing heavier items on bottom tiers
  • Creating ample space between racks for forklift and truck access

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