Veterans and Your Small Business

Veterans and Your Small Business

There are certain things Central Florida small business owners must do. These non-negotiables include hiring staff, paying taxes, and securing a Central Florida Small Business Insurance policy. There are many other things that small business owners have the option of doing, but don’t have to do. One, in particular, is honoring this nation’s veterans. Veteran’s Day is on November 11, but why not honor our nation’s heroes all month long? Even better, honor them all year long! Here are a few suggestions from the U.S. Small Business Administration to help veterans and your small business.

Thank Them

To show your appreciation, why not offer veterans freebies, perks, or discounts? Offering military discounts is a simple way to say thank you to those who served.

Sponsor Them

Around Veteran’s Day, Fourth of July, and other patriotic holidays, many communities hold parades or special events to commemorate veterans. Consider sponsoring these events by providing a cash donation, setting up a booth, or donating goods or service to make the event a success.

Help Them

There are always opportunities to get involved by volunteering to help veterans and their families. From helping disabled veterans spruce up their homes to participating in hiring fairs for veterans, your business can make a solid contribution.

Raise Money for Them

Consider sponsoring an event to benefit veterans, and giving your customers an opportunity to help. When asked to contribute to veterans’ charities, most people are happy to do so. Consider donating a percentage of your profits during Veteran’s Day. Even better, raise money year-round by choosing a particular product or service you offer and vowing to donate a specific amount of money whenever someone buys it. Depending on your business, it could be a patriotic T-shirt or mug, a particular menu item, etc.

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