Thanksgiving Travel Tips

If you’re planning to embark on a Thanksgiving weekend road trip, you will be in good company. The American Automobile Association predicts more than 43.5 million Americans will drive 50 or more miles to get to their turkey-day feasts. Low gas prices, high airline ticket prices, and airport tensions and delays make driving the choice mode of transportation for so many. With traffic comes increased risks for accidents. Before you head out, make sure you’ve lined up Central Florida Auto Umbrella Insurance in case you run into trouble. Here are some additional Thanksgiving travel tips if you prefer to avoid the worst traffic gridlock.

Leave at Night

If your schedule is flexible, don’t leave for your road trip at the crack of dawn. Leave at dusk or later. That may sound like odd timing, but that’s precisely why it’s great timing: You’ll be getting on the road at the same time many others are arriving at their final destination, preparing for bed, or pulling into motel rooms. If you decide to drive at night, make sure you are well rested to reduce the odds of dozing off at the wheel.

Leave on Thanksgiving Day

Holiday traffic tends to be much lighter on the actual holiday. Unless you are facing a very long drive, plan to leave early on Thanksgiving morning. Roads will be less congested and you’ll have plenty of time to work up an appetite.

Return on Friday or Monday

Most people traveling for Thanksgiving leave Tuesday or Wednesday and return Sunday. Understandably, people want to soak up every last minute of the holiday. Depending on the tenor of your relationship with those you’re visiting, consider a short but sweet trip and return the day after Thanksgiving. Or, consider taking one or two vacation days and returning early the following week. Either way, you’ll miss peak travel times and the worst traffic.

Don’t hit the road this holiday season without making sure you’re covered in case you are involved in a fender bender – or worse. Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, (407) 859-3691, is here for all of your home and vehicle insurance needs. Call us today for skilled, friendly insurance help!