Tips on Holiday Direct Mail Marketing

Tips on Holiday Direct Mail Marketing

Thanksgiving weekend is the official start of the holiday shopping season, and it’s approaching quickly! Now is the time for your Central Florida Small Business  to prepare so you can end the year with strong sales to boost your bottom line. You’re probably planning sales and promotions, but do you have a direct mail campaign in the works? You should! The global marketing company Epsilon reports that nearly 80% of shoppers are influenced by direct mail promotions. Before you get started, here are some tips on holiday direct mail marketing.

The Mailing List is The Key to Success

The first item of business when conducting a direct-mail campaign is to come up with a mailing list. Start this list with your current customers, and then target additional customers by ZIP code and demographic information. The U.S. Post Office can help you with this step.

Provide an Incentive

What is the difference between a valuable direct mailing and “junk mail”? Valuable direct mail includes a coupon! Your direct mailing should include a coupon that shoppers cannot find anywhere else. Offering 10% off probably won’t excite recipients. Offering 25% off or more should pique their interest.

Make it Urgent

Always make your coupon time-sensitive to reduce the likelihood that customers will procrastinate – and eventually lose their coupon.

Give Them a Reason to Read Your Mailer

If you tuck your coupon or valuable special offer inside your direct mailer, you need to make it clear on the outside of the mailing that there’s something special inside. Include a banner, such as “Valuable discount inside!” so recipients won’t simply toss your mailer into the recycling bin unopened.

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