The Rights and Responsibilities of Building Owners

The Rights and Responsibilities of Building Owners

For building owners, knowing their rights and responsibilities when it comes to property is a vital bit of knowledge that will help keep them informed when it comes to dealing with tenants and adjacent property owners. Owning something means you can enforce rights concerning whatever property is in question, but also have to adhere to certain expectations of local laws.

Owners have to consider everything from insurance coverage to building codes to minimizing risk and liability, all while keeping the overall integrity of their building or buildings in order.

Read on to get more information on just what to expect and what is expected of a building owner in relation to property.


Insurance Coverage

In general, state laws require building owners to have insurance for their buildings. Building Owners Insurance policies are available to those looking to operate under an umbrella of responsibility and a willingness to lookout for the wellbeing of their property.

Some insurance options may only cover losses and damages to buildings, whereas others protect equipment inside. Make sure to take inventory of what all needs to be covered so a coverage plan can be tailored to specific needs.

Compliance with Building Codes

State and local governments require commercial property owners to comply with certain standards in terms of safety and accessibility. Depending on the overall state of the building(s) in question, building owners may have to make adjustments and fix issues before utilizing the space.

Building codes have various sections and specifics that will change from time to time, so it’s important to keep a sharp eye on these. There could be serious legal issues that come due to non-compliance and in turn negatively impact the building owner’s position and stake.

Minimizing Risk

Ultimately, building owners should be thinking about their investment to their property. Everything from water damage to break-ins to faulty equipment can negatively impact a building’s wellbeing. Consistent check-ins on the building’s ins and outs should be kept on a schedule, and can look for faults in:

  • Roofing and paneling
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Electrical and heating units
  • Locks and windows
  • Security systems


Subsurface Rights

Building owners in commercial property have the right to use the surface of the land in and around the building. What’s more, they have the right to use what is under the surface; think oil, gas and minerals, known as subsurface rights.


Property owners will have to make improvements to the building and surrounding area from time to time. These can include erecting buildings, but are also subject to limitations under local restrictions regarding the size of property as well as use (i.e. zoning laws).

Air Rights

Building owners also have a right to use the space above the land they’re on. The right to not have the air directly over a property blocked by buildings on nearby properties is also protected within this.

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