How Wellness Programs Can Aid Workers’ Compensation

How Wellness Programs Can Aid Workers’ Compensation

Workplace wellness programs have been getting more attention in recent years with the push for companies to encourage employee health. These programs encourage not only an interactive environment, but compensate employees who take their health and nutrition more seriously.

Wellness programs can help improve productivity in employees by aiding in staving off sickness, sluggishness, and absenteeism. Companies with high health and wellness records can also see a reduction in stress and anxiety in employees, but they can also help with workers’ compensation costs. Here’s how:

Investing in Employees

Wellness programs are policies, benefits, and links to the surrounding community designed to encourage the health and safety of all employees, according to the Center for Disease Control. Employers with wellness programs that are focused on prevention and risk management are committed to connecting with their employees to inspire positive lifestyles.

According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plan, for every $1 spent on wellness, employers can expect to save up to $3 when it comes to healthcare costs, which can rack up over time. What’s more, absenteeism related to being under the weather will turn around, saving $3 for every $1 invested as well.

Engaging Employees

Employees may be excited to hear that their new company has a wellness program, but they still need to be inspired to actually engage with it. Companies should motivate employees to get involved in their available wellness program and promote its benefits. While most employees would indeed take advantage of these benefits, they need to know about them in the first place.

One way to do this is to supply incentives for good health behavior and habits that focus on the prevention of sickness and productivity toward meeting health and fitness goals. From healthy eating to cutting down on smoking to taking more steps throughout the day, companies can improve their workers’ compensation results by instituting a more active wellness program.

The Outcomes

Wellness and overall health should be tied to how companies are trying to achieve top-tier workers’ compensation results, like lower workplace injuries and illness rates. For instance, obese employees who become injured may become permanently disabled or suffer far-worse injuries, according to NCCI findings, thus resulting in higher medical claim costs. One way to protect against this is to invest in a local Orlando insurance carrier for workers compensation insurance, and another is to implement a healthy program.

Healthy eating and gaining control over weight problems can combine to directly impact the overall safety of a work environment and influence the success of return-to-work programs.


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