What are the Risks of Operating a Warehouse? (Part Two)

Newman Crane

In our previous post, we discussed some of the risks involved with Operating a Warehouse. As there are multiple exposures and many different facets to warehouse procedures, we are going to discuss four more risks with warehouse processes. Obtaining an Orlando Warehouse Insurance policy can help safeguard your business against potential damages and loss as a result of these injuries.

  1. Hazardous Substances- Direct contact with bleach and other cleaning fluids can cause skin irritation while the vapors may cause breathing difficulties and eye annoyance. Vehicle exhaust fumes have similar effects and also cause damage via smoke inhalation if the vehicle is running inside the warehouse without proper ventilation. Another potential hazard to be mindful comes into play from recharging forklift batteries. Acid spillage and explosions could occur and seriously injure the operator if not careful. Making sure your employees are informed on handling these substances, educated on safety procedures, and wear protective gear including gloves and glasses can decrease these risks.
  2. Slips & Falls- Employees can endure sprains or fractures if they slip on the floor. Health and Safety Executive reminds you to ensure your walkways are clear, the floor is dry and clean, pallets and materials are stored properly, and good housekeeping standards are maintained.
  3. Injuries from Machinery- Fingers, hands, and arms have the potential risk of getting trapped and even crushed in the machines during use. Be sure your machines are up to date, complete with instructions, and maintained regularly. Further, it is imperative your staff is trained on the proper use of these machines and that an emergency stop button is provided in the event of an emergency.
  4. Traffic Incidents- Although this risk might be overlooked, traffic injuries can pose a serious threat. This includes staff and visitors being hit my trucks or objects falling off of a vehicle and landing on a staff member. Requiring staff to wear highly visible clothing and use a guide to reverse can help prevent these injuries.

At Newman Crane, we understand the inevitable risks that are associated with warehouses. We have provided customized insurance solutions for warehouses and other commercial businesses like yours for over twenty years. To learn more about our offerings, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.