Brand Building on a Budget: Tips for Your Small Business

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Building your business is invaluable in today’s market. Because it is so easy for the consumer to be over saturated by search results on any topic they research, identifying your brand can help your business and product to stand out from the crowd. In the midst of promoting your brand, acquire Business Insurance Orlando to protect your growing company.

In today’s digital world, there are so many unexpected ways to promote your business. Social media, in particular, has become one of the biggest supporters of branding due to its exposure level and because it virtually doesn’t cost the business anything; it is essentially free advertising. This platform includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, etc. Blogs have also established their worth in conveying the business’ knowledge and expertise while simultaneously gearing toward relative and relatable topics. Combining these forums to promote your brand has proven to be largely beneficial. Navigating the digital world and using it to your advantage is crucial to building your brand. Eric Brown, founder of Urbane Apartments and its widely successful online presence, stresses the need to focus on digital branding. With that said, here are a few specific ways to brand on a budget according to leading experts.

• Establish Identity- Your brand has to have a wow factor, something that will differentiate it from every other similar business. Making sure you have a consistent tone, voice, and personality throughout your brand is critical for the branding process.

• Easily Found- The more blog posts you create, the more pages you will add to your website, making your site easier to be found. Investing your time into promoting local market searches is your best bet to not remain invisible to large search engines. Brown suggests using tools like to help determine how you rank among local businesses. Last: don’t forget to post fresh content regularly to stay relevant!

• Make Good Ideas Your Own- Identify what stylistic designs you wish to have on your site. Check out local websites and see what you like, what is easy to read, what is easy to navigate, what coincides with your brand’s personality, etc. When you have a clear focus on what you want, communicate those benchmarks to your designer and follow up with the process to ensure the final product is what you envisioned.

• Watch for Call-to-Action Opportunities- Once you get the virtual traffic you wanted, it is important to direct your potential customer to proceed with action. For example, Brown suggests “Make sure there’s a clear path of motion through the site. The goal is to get customers to convert. Include subtle cues throughout the copy, and give them some incentive to make initial contact.” Another tip: correlate the marketing channels such as including your social media accounts on business cards to give customers more interaction.

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