Overcoming Small Business Challenges: People

Overcoming Small Business Challenges: People

In this last installment on our article series regarding overcoming small business challenges, we’re going to explore how the people you hire impact your business and your productivity. In our previous posts, we covered the issues of managing finances and finding the time to get everything done, which plague owners nationwide. This time, we’re going to take a personal approach to bettering your business: finding the right people. Next, equip yourself with the best Orlando Commercial Insurance package to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Practice makes perfect.

Everyone wants to be the best, but do you have employees who want to put in the work to get there? The building blocks of achieving success might be mundane at times, but they’re necessary to move forward. Find the people who share your vision and your passion when hiring employees for your small business, especially if it’s a startup.

Ask yourself if they fit the culture.

The employees you hire should reflect the type of culture you promote in your workplace. Whether it’s a laid-back environment with unlimited vacation days or a high-energy, fast-paced culture, your employees should blend in. This will ensure a seamless transition to their new role within your company and help to establish a bond with their coworkers.

Recognize their aptitude.

Until a business has grown to have defined departments that require specific skills and roles, experts recommend paying more attention to candidates’ ability to learn than prior work experience. When hiring for a new company, it’s more important to find someone who actually learned from their last job than someone with a stellar resume, explains Entrepreneur.

Rather than just going off of someone’s resume, speak with them to get a better feel for their aptitude, their willingness to learn, and where their passions lie. 2017 reflects a very different take on the traditional 9-5 job that one gets from a great resume. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and take it one step further with these simple tips.

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