Overcoming Small Biz Challenges: Time Management

Overcoming Small Biz Challenges: Time Management

In our third installment of our article series regarding overcoming small business challenges, we’re going to explore time management strategies that can help owners accomplish the overwhelming task list they face daily. We’ve already covered the basics of small business owner challenges, including finances, so now it’s time to examine how you can get things done in real time. Before reading on, equip yourself with the best Orlando Commercial Insurance policy.

Set a smart schedule.

Devote your day to a set schedule to allow yourself to actually accomplish tasks. Whether you have to make sales calls, coach employees, attend meetings, or answer emails and fill out paperwork, all of these can get done with allotted time slots. If you don’t prioritize by importance, it’s likely you won’t make it through the day finishing any of them.

Maura Thomas, speaker and author of Personal Productivity Secrets and founder of RegainYourTime.com, says there are five necessary components to an effective personal information management system: a calendar, a contact manager, a task list, a notes area and email. “One of each is best, and it’s important for them to interact together. For example, it should be easy to create a calendar appointment or a task from an email,” she states to NFIB.

Leave empty slots on your calendar.

This doesn’t mean you’re not being productive, it means you’re allowing time for unexpected challenges and opportunities to tend to items you haven’t in a while. Schedule white space into your calendar at least twice a week to accommodate this.


You have a team for a reason: put them to good use. It’s impossible to do everything yourself, so delegate tasks to your employees to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.


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