Orlando EPLI: What Benefits Are Deal Breakers for Potential Employees?

Orlando EPLI

Earlier in 2014, we discussed what types of employee benefits your business should offer. Offering additional benefits to the standard Orlando Group Health Insurance can make your business more attractive to potential candidates. We looked at what additional benefits could be the most appealing; those being Vacation/PTO, Disability Insurance, and Fringe Benefits such as using the company car or participating in a flexible spending account.

Offering the right type of benefits goes a long way in retaining quality employees, making your employees happy and potentially reducing EPLI claims, or Employment Practices Liability Insurance claims. While the above-mentioned benefits are certainly attractive, though, they aren’t necessarily deal- breakers. A new study from staffing firm Spherion shows that there is one particular benefit that if an employer did not offer, almost half of the candidates who participated in the survey would turn down the job.

The survey, which polled employed U.S. adults, found that 46% of employees would turn down a new job that doesn’t offer benefits for spouses. Nearly three out of four survey respondents whose employers do offer spousal benefits said that they are more likely to stay with the organization due to these benefits, while more than three in four employees, or 78%, who don’t receive spousal benefits said they would be more likely to stay at their company if spousal benefits were offered.

As Sandy Mazur, Spherion’s division president states, “For most employees, work/life balance is a top priority and their job responsibilities must be able to be integrated into their personal lives for them to define their careers as successful.”  Mazur believes that the survey findings illustrate that many workers are making their personal lives, their relationships and their families their top priorities ahead of their careers.

At Newman Crane, we understand how important the happiness and well-being of your employees is to the success of your business. We also know that employee-related lawsuits are on the rise, and the possibility that you will be sued at one time or another by an employee is very real. The best way to protect yourself is with an Orlando EPLI Policy, which will provide you with the coverage against claims by employees. Please contact us today for more information about this product as well as our Orlando Employee Benefits packages, at (407) 859-3691.