The Most Importance Home Maintenance Projects for Autumn

The Most Importance Home Maintenance Projects for Autumn

No matter the part of the country you live in, fall is usually the best time of the year to take care of home repair projects. The summer heat and humidity have gone down and winter hasn’t hit yet, making it the perfect time to dig into those projects you’ve been putting off for a while.

For homes in colder climates, you’ll want to prep your house for ice, snow and freezing or below temps. For warmer climates, consider it an opportunity to safeguard against freak winter storms that pop up and damage your home, costing you in major repairs. Start by checking some of these to-do’s off your list.

Insure Your Home

If you don’t already have some form of homeowners insurance, then this is the perfect time to get it taken care of. Already have it in place? Then you can look at it as an opportunity to review your plan. If you need to replace some parts of your coverage or look for an entirely new agency to cover you, then look into a regional insurance agency in Orlando that can provide you multiple options. Having insurance in place will protect your home against damage due to bad weather, major storms or if you need to replace that roof of yours.

Raise the Roof

Speaking of roof repair, dealing with a leaky roof during stormy or cold months is nothing anyone wants to go through. First you have to find the source of a drip, which can take some time, then a possible lengthy inspection occurs. It’s best to get this kind of project done first to save time and money as you eschew bigger problems from holding off on repairs.

Check ridge shingles for cracks and wind damage, which can be relevant in the southeastern United States, especially following this year’s hurricane season. Look for damage to metal flashing around vents and chimneys and scan the entire roof for missing, curled or damaged shingles. Be sure to keep your gutters clean and free-flowing too.

Mind the Gaps

When temperatures drop even slightly, all sorts of bugs and critters will try to find their way inside for some peace and comfort away from the outdoors. Mice only need a tiny gap and cockroaches, even smaller. Be sure to fill small holes and cover any large gaps with heavy-duty hardware cloth. Hear a bit of wind sneaking in? Do your best to locate it and fill it in with caulk to help keep what you can from coming inside.

Check Your Temperature

Your heating system may need a checkup and the fall is always a good time to double-check. Change the air filter in your furnace and check its efficiency before temperatures outside begin to drop. Need a tune-up? Don’t hesitate to call in a professional like an HVAC contractor who can test the heating output and fix what you need done.

Keep a number of air filters handy as well and look for ways to lower your energy bills, such as investing in a programmable thermostat. The key to surviving the winter months ahead is to make things as efficient as possible to save money over time.

Take Care of Your Yard

Keep your yard free and clear of leaves and brush during the autumn months. Rake any leaves into piles and scoop them into yard waste bags. Your HOA may allow burning leaves, but check with local area governments first. When sweeping leaves off patios and porches, don’t forget to pack up and store any outside furniture for the winter months.


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