Important Hurricane Recovery Steps for Individuals

Important Hurricane Recovery Steps for Individuals

When you live in the Gulf region or along the southeastern coast, you know how important it is to prepare for Mother Nature and for cleaning up afterward. From hurricanes to floods, different levels of damage affect everyone in harm’s way. Even just trying to gain access to your neighborhood after a flood or hurricane rips through can be daunting, taking an immense amount of time and effort.

The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season is nearing a close, but many businesses and homes in Florida were affected by several of this year’s big storms, and many are still working to rebuild. It’s important to be be prepared and be in the know of what you need to do to prevent more stress from taking over after a hurricane or major storm hits your general region. Here are some things to check off your list following a disaster and help you transition back to an operational life sooner.

Photograph and Document

This year has seen more active-than-normal storms and hurricanes than usual, leaving a lasting effect on the southeastern region. In fact, experts are saying that Hurricane Michael is projected to cause a total of $4 billion in damages to Florida and Georgia alone. With that much damage a possibility, it should be noted that everything that was affected in any capacity should be documented.

Take photos of every piece of property you own that is damaged. From electronics and vehicles to entire rooms, make sure to be diligent about documenting what was damaged and to what degree. When you start moving things around, take pictures to maintain photographic evidence. You will want to maintain as many records and photographic evidence as possible.

Have the Right Personal Insurance Coverage

Make sure to keep all records and documents in a binder and keep a written record of everything you discard, such as lost food and items in your home. Liability insurance Orlando companies will want to see documentation and estimates of your losses. Your personal liability insurance policies should be able to cover your damages, but it’s important to link up with your provider—ideally before a storm hits—to see what is covered.

Also, be sure to print out hard copies of any forms filled out online and save them. Check and recheck to make sure that forms you submitted were received and are current. When working with your insurance provider, give them a description of the damage and have your policy number ready.

Secure Medical Care

While it’s important to get your house in order and get your insurance claims squared away, you’ll want to make sure you and your family members will need to tend to any medical issues. By taking care of yourself and your family, you can help prevent further complications as things fall back into place following a hurricane or storm. Get lined up with your family doctor and whatever specialists you need to in order to fully heal from the effects of a disaster.

Rebuild and Prevent Further Damage

After dealing with things like cleaning up your surroundings, drying things out as much as they can, and handling insurance and medical issues, you can focus on rebuilding the damaged areas. You should start with structural and protective elements like foundation and windows to restore the security of your home’s environment. After your home is cleaned up, it’s important to get ahead of the next flood or hurricane or major storm by investing in prevention elements if possible. Things like subfloor drainage, waterproof walls and floors, and erosion protection can be installed in and around your home.


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