Likeable Leaders: Top Qualities

Likeable Leaders: Top Qualities

Leaders of companies often have to make hard decisions, some of which can be unpopular or land them some serious scrutiny, but at the end of the day, we’re all human. We all want to be liked by our coworkers and feel as though we’re doing a good job leading the team to success. With that in mind, we have devised a list of some favorable traits that likeable leaders possess. As we explore these traits, keep in mind that a well-liked leader means he or she has a positive effect on your employees, which is a win for the entire company. Even more importantly, secure your central Florida business with an Orlando General Liability Insurance policy.


Even if you have to couch comments in diplomatic ways, you’re always better off telling the truth about your expectations, your view of the future, and where your employees stand.  Honesty begets honesty, and your company will benefit from mutual trust, says Small Business Trends.


This doesn’t mean sugarcoating everything, but rather staying goal-oriented to achieve success within the business. Don’t focus on the issues, focus on the solutions.


Taking all of the credit for the success of your team will put you on the fast track to a resentful team. Remember, you and your employees are in this together, and success should be mutually shared.

Empowering your employees.

Those who feel empowered to make decisions are more likely to take responsibility when things go wrong. Supporting your staff and giving them the authority to make decisions will give them a sense of pride and ownership in your business.


The open-door policy is a great start. Naturally, you want your staff to be able to come to you with questions for advice and mentorship. However, at the same token, ensure you teach them strategies to problem solve on their own to allow the growth they need to push your business forward.

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