Keeping your Retail Business Safe

Newman Crane

Retail businesses have proven time and time again to be incredibly lucrative. However, it is imperative that the proper safety measures are followed in order to promote a safe environment for your customers and your employees alike. In addition to Orlando Retail Business Insurance, consider these tips when evaluating safety risks.

Fire Hazards- Dependent on the type of store, fire hazards could be abundant. For example, Small Business Chronicle identifies exposed wires from lighting or computers, open flames in a store display, improper chemical storage or combustible materials left near a heat source as common threats. Keep fire extinguishers on hand and train employees on proper use in order to reduce the risk of fires.

Ergonomics- OSHA defines ergonomics as the science of matching your workplace requirements to your employees’ capabilities. Misinterpreting these can result in complications. For example, a job that requires heavy lifting should be assigned to an individual with the physical capability to manage such duties. Otherwise, the employee is at risk for being injured or falling ill.

Air Quality- If your store is located in a mall or another larger building, chances are it is not properly ventilated. Without proper ventilation, mold and bacteria are likely to develop over time. The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union recommends installing a mechanical system that cycles in fresh outdoor air and circulates it throughout your store, both in the main floor area and in any backrooms.

Crime- Shoplifting contributes to billions of dollars lost each year in retail stores. As such, consider a security system. If this isn’t feasible, surveillance cameras can serve as a second pair of “eyes” on the store.

Employee Training- This ranges from cleaning and bandaging a wound to the Heimlich maneuver, dependent on your industry. Proper safety training could reduce employee injury or save a patron’s life.

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