Making a Case for Hiring People with Disabilities

When it comes to running your business, making sure that you hire qualified employees is key to being successful. Along with making sure you have the best Central Florida Employment Practice Liability available, you need to consider the type of employees you bring on. Hiring a qualified person with disabilities does more than just fill in an empty position, it creates a better workplace on many levels.

October has been declared as Disability Employment Awareness month. The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) has been working on promoting valuable skills that persons with disabilities can bring to your business. Earlier this month, eight Florida businesses were recognized as being exceptional employers for people with disabilities.

Here are the top reasons to consider hiring qualified persons with disabilities:

  • Return of Investment- Hiring persons with disabilities is a great way to turn social issues into business opportunities. It can help reduce the costs of training due to the retention of a valuable and qualified employee. You will also gain access to new markets and capitalize on opportunities to reach business goals.
  • Marketing- Many Americans have stated that they prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities. Bringing in employees with disabilities will generate an increase in clients with disabilities as well as their families and friends, creating an opportunity to expand a lasting customer base.
  • Innovation- Hiring employees with disabilities can bring in new and unique experiences that you may never have considered. Their experience can help to transform your business and enhance services and products. Innovation is the key to success and hiring persons with disabilities can help to build your business and prepare it for the future.

Employing people with disabilities can not only increase the capital of your business, but can also help to increase the quality of work and moral in the workplace.

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