Cell Phone Safety Tips

With smart phones becoming more advanced, extra precautions need to be made to protect your privacy. While having great Orlando Cyber Insurance to protect you and your business against a cyber attack is a good first step, there are other things you should do to help protect yourself in today’s digital world.

Security Software- Make sure that you keep security software up to date. Download security updates as they become available through your mobile carrier.

Delete- Many apps were downloaded for specific uses. Once they are no longer needed, it is a good practice to delete these apps. The same goes for old games or social media apps that are no longer being used.

Passwords- Make sure that passwords are strong and periodically change them. Utilize new touch identification technology. Having a security password to get into your phone can help to prevent someone from accessing your private information should your phone be lost or stolen.

Be aware of your personal information- Information about what you do while online has value. Information about where you shop, where you live, and even credit card information from online purchases can be stored on your phone. Be aware of how information is collected via apps and websites.

WIFI- Some stores and apps track your location by connecting to your phone via WIFI or Bluetooth while you are in range. Turn off WIFI and Bluetooth when not in use. When you do connect to public WIFI networks, be aware that they are not secure and anyone can potentially access your information. Limit what you do on a public network and avoid logging on to accounts with key information, such as email or banking accounts. Consider using personal mobile hotspot technology when needing to connect.

Don’t Respond- Mobile scams are on the rise as technology advances. Email, text message and phone calls asking for immediate response or personal information are almost always a scam. Do not respond to messages from numbers that you do not know.

In today’s world where technology links everything from phones to tablets to computers, protecting your personal information is the most important thing you can do. Stay aware and be savvy about how you share information online.

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