Holiday Vacation Days: Advice for Business Owners

As the holiday season approaches, many employees take time off to use their company-given vacation days. Business owners should understand what employees expect when it comes to vacation days. In addition to having Orlando General Liability Insurance, employers should be invested in making sure their employees are happy and content working for the company. outlines the general rules that govern paid vacation.

There is a lot of leeway for employers when it comes to paid vacation days because, legally, employees don’t have to give their workers paid vacation days. Employers are legally allowed to give paid vacation only to full-time employees, and many do. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that some paid vacation is offered to 91% of full-time employees 37% of part-time employees in private industry.

Whereas a company is not legally bound to offer the same number of vacation days to all employees, business owners should be wary of possible discrimination charges if vacation days have no clear justification for which workers gets more than others.

Business owners are largely free to determine when employees may use vacation days. Sometimes, businesses will prohibit employees from using their vacation days during the company’s busy season. Employers may also set rules requiring employees to give advance notice of vacations.

Business owners may also impose a waiting period on using vacation time for new employees. Some employers don’t allow employees to use any vacation during their first three to six months on the job.

There are some states that have rules requiring a company to pay an employee for unused vacation days. Business owners should check with their state’s labor department to find out their state’s rules on this issue.

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