2021 Employee Benefits Trends

employee benefits trends

The beginning of the year is a good time to take stock of the previous year and set out for a (hopefully) better year ahead. Though no one would have predicted the chaos of 2020 due to COVID-19, there are a few key items that will have a long-lasting impact on work and employee benefits trends moving forward.

As businesses and states began shutting down during the pandemic’s initial stages, many employers were forced to adopt remote work policies quickly, while others adjusted operations and staffing policies.

Many of these changes may have a lasting impact on how we work. With that in mind, it’s helpful for businesses to understand where employee benefits may end up in the new year, a year that is already poised to be vastly different from last year.

Telehealth Benefits

Open enrollment has been a heavy burden for employers in the last year, as many HR and benefits leaders increased efforts to engage and encourage employees to keep in mind offers during the pandemic. As companies look to modify their employee benefits offerings this year, they can anticipate expanding healthcare benefits, especially within telehealth.

More individuals have used telehealth services throughout the pandemic to receive chronic, acute, primary, and specialty care. Leveraging technology through phone or video interaction with healthcare providers has allowed individuals to receive necessary care while decreasing the risk of spreading the virus or any other illnesses. Another benefit of telehealth services is providing medical access to people in remote locations where healthcare is not readily accessible.

A Focus on Mental Health

With more people staying home and working than usual, a heightened awareness of mental and emotional health has come into the spotlight. Numerous reports have shown that employees are suffering from more stress, anxiety, and depression at higher rates due to working from home or staying inside due to stay-at-home or quarantine orders.

Employers can help reduce stress in the workplace, even if it’s a work-from-home place, by tailoring their medical plans to include behavioral health visits both onsite and virtually. By working with a local Orlando Employee Benefits provider, businesses can find the best options for their employees to gain the best benefits, health coverage, and mental and emotional health support throughout 2021. 

Non-Medical Services

Employers can also expect to maximize their employee benefits portfolio with non-medical services. The benefits are cost-effective solutions that allow employees to customize their benefits packages to cover various needs.

A company may offer a benefits package with basic health insurance and paid time off for all workers. From there, workers have the option to add extra benefits from a menu, such as pet insurance, short-term disability, whole or term life insurance, access to legal services, and more. Since these employee benefits are voluntary, many benefits plans are employee-paid, allowing employers to invest in employees’ most sought-after benefits.

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