What Should You Include in Your Employee Handbook?

What Should You Include in Your Employee Handbook?

Fostering positive and open working relationships requires tact and skill. To assist in this process, employers should create and enforce an employee handbook. Not only will this designated document minimize confusion among employees, it will promote communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. To mitigate your Orlando Employment Practices Liability, include the following pivotal components in your employee handbook.

You might be thinking, “Why do I need an employee handbook?” The answer to that is simple. According to Small Business Trends, when all of your company policies are spelled out in writing, you’re forced to maintain resolute consistency where enforcement is concerned. Employee handbooks help hold employers to account, and help to provide employees some peace of mind that they will receive equal treatment in the workplace, and that your business is indeed governed by sensible policies.

Non-disclosure agreements.

While these aren’t required, non-disclosure agreements help to prevent conflicts of interest, your company’s reputation, and protect proprietary information.


This is your employee’s biggest motivator to work, so spell out the terms of their compensation. Note the vacation policy, benefits, required deductions for state and federal taxes, raises and how overtime pay works.


It’s becoming more common for employers to offer remote positions or opportunities to work from home. Include your preferred work hours, attendance expectations and remote working restrictions in your employee handbook. Next, be sure to include a policy for reporting absences.

Code of conduct.

This goes without saying, but your handbook should include an expectation of behavior from all of your employees. This includes dress code, language, anti-discrimination, and ethics.

Leave policies.

If you offer maternity or paternity leave, bereavement, family medical leave, etc., put these policies in writing for your employees to refer to.

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